Laminate flooring cost can depend on several factors. If you’re looking for a floor remodel, you may be wondering what is a good price for laminate flooring? The lowest cost of laminate flooring can start at less than $1.00 per square foot. The highest cost can range from over $4.0 per square foot. The biggest factor with the price is the quality and durability of the material. 

Hilex Construction can assist you through a floor remodel. We would like to discuss the different laminate flooring cost and what is a good price for laminate flooring in the first place. We know that a floor remodel process can be difficult and would like to discuss a good price for laminate flooring and the differences in cost. 

Laminate Flooring Cost Differences

With the average laminate flooring cost being anywhere between $0.75 to $4, the price difference can be massive. Paying $4 per square foot over $0.75 is a rather large difference. The biggest difference between these two is durability. With materials like laminate flooring, you really get what you pay for, if you pay cheap, you get cheap. Cheap laminate flooring will typically only last a few years in a lightly trafficked area. The higher price points of laminate flooring usually last much longer than their cheaper counterparts. 

contractor laying laminate flooring

What Is A Good Price for Laminate Flooring?

The cheaper side of the spectrum isn’t worth it as you will likely need to replace it within 5 years of installing it. If you would rather purchase more durable materials, you would be looking from at least $1.75 to $2.50 per square foot. While the higher you go the more durable the material, the highest laminate flooring price is typically something businesses or heavy-trafficked areas would require. 

More expensive laminate flooring may also include a feature most homes don’t typically need either. When it comes to the more expensive laminate flooring, these materials are typically entirely waterproof. This addition is typically used for laminate flooring that will be outside or exposed to outdoor elements, such as rain. 

Flooring Accessories 

There are several laminate flooring accessories that may alter the cost of your total flooring remodel. Accessories such as underlayment, a pad underneath laminate flooring to make it slightly softer to walk on, can increase the price. These accessories addon to the price of your flooring remodel project. However, some of the accessories may be worth their value, for underlayment, it adds about 25 to 50 cents per square foot. It can be worth it for extra padding if you want to avoid harder flooring. 

While you won’t need to pay for water resistance, as the new generation of laminate flooring can handle wet-mopping, this used to be an additional fee. Now, you can get those features with any basic laminate flooring. You can still make them entirely waterproof, though, a feature that will add another 25 cents to $1 per square foot. 

Choosing The Right Laminate Flooring

We understand how difficult choosing the right floor for your flooring remodel can be, especially if the prices vary. Laminate flooring can last anywhere from 5-20 years, it depends on their quality, the quality of installation, and how often you take care of them. 

Hilex Construction experts can assist you in finding the right laminate flooring options for your property. We can assist you through every step of a flooring remodel! You can contact our service line at (888) 918-1008 to get in direct contact with one of our experts. We can go over the basics on the phone, schedule an appointment, and do a full assessment of your property.