“They are highly motivated and work very well together”

– Kyle Greene

If you are in the market for a brand new floor and want it done correctly, I would highly recommend you go with Hilex Construction for several reasons. First of all they are always on time which was a delight to see for a change. They are highly motivated and work very well together as a team and everyone knows their job inside and out. My father and I are very meticulous when it comes to construction as he was in construction himself.

Honestly, there was not one single mistake made when laying this tile down. It was absolute perfection. Another point of interest which made this project run smoothly was the quick response I would always get from the foreman in charge. We developed a great rapport with one another. When I had any questions at all, Daniel would always respond very quickly each and every time.There was no re-doing any part of the tile. It was put down correctly the first time. I am very happy I went with Hilex Construction and had a very rewarding experience all around. Even around the Holidays they came in extra to finish the job. They were very fair on the price and made sure they communicated effectively with my insurance company as well. I have no complaints about Hilex Construction whatsoever. I will use them again if needed.”

“We had a water pipe damaged in our wall”

– Victoria O’Connor

“We had a water pipe damaged in our wall. The water leaked through the bedroom, closet, bathroom and part of the living room. The first representative of Water Restoration we met was Miguel Rojas, Senior technician. Miguel explained the whole process to us and answered all my questions. He was very patient with me as I am 82 years old and had never experienced anything like this before. He took over for me and made all my major concerns into tiny ones.

Next I met Edward Rios who is a Technician. Edward’s job is to get the mess cleaned up and ready for repairs to start. He took care of our home as if it was his own. He removed sheet rock, baseboards, bathroom vanity, etc. and left our home as clean as the way he found it. A very understanding man who was also very patient with me during this troubling time. I truly appreciate Hilex Construction. Thank you, gentlemen.”

Our customers love our service and attention to safety and detail.

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“I am very pleased with this company and how my kitchen came out.”

– Patricia Jones

“The final product is amazing.”

– Joann Steele

“They worked diligent and hard to get it done. It was complicated as we had 2 levels of floor to be removed and some mold. I am please with both water restoration restoration team as well the floor removal and replacement team. Kudos.”

“Very impressed by Hilex Construction”

– Patricia LaVelle

“For being able to work with the restoration company in handling the repair work and working with the insurance adjuster that needed to be done due to a water leak at my condo. Very professional company that gets the work done.”