South Florida Kitchen Remodeling

Are you thinking about finally remodeling your kitchen? Our South Florida kitchen remodeling experts can help you create a fresh new space that would be perfect for entertaining and cooking friends and family. We will be more than happy to walk you through the entire process of your new kitchen remodel. From the start to finish, Hilex Construction will make sure you are happy with the final product.

Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Planning the remodeling of your kitchen is the most important and vigorous step. Luckily, you have Hilex Construction to help you every step of the way. We will pay attention to every detail during the planning process, ensuring that the kitchen is exactly how you desire. That way you will be less inclined on changing something during the construction process.

Costs of a Kitchen Remodel

The costs of a kitchen renovation varies on three things:

  • The size of your kitchen
  • The quality of materials you decide to use
  • If any demolition is required for your new layout

According to HomeAdvisor, in 2017, homeowners are reporting that on average that a kitchen renovation costs $21,000. Please keep in mind that the return on investment after the renovation is complete will be most important. Hilex Construction will make sure we install the most energy efficient lighting and appliances. By doing this you will be saving you money in the long run. We will work within your budget, doing everything possible to keep pricing reasonable and getting you the most bang for your buck.

Kitchen Remodel Timeframe

The time frame of remodeling your kitchen depends on the size and type of your kitchen remodel. On average, a kitchen renovation takes 4-6 weeks. This is not including the planning and design phase, the most important step. We will allow you to design and plan at your own pace, making sure there will be no road blocks during the construction phase. We will never rush the client during the planning phase as we also want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want in your new kitchen.

Why Choose Hilex Construction for your South Florida Kitchen Remodeling

A few things you should expect from us:

  • Personalized layout planning for your new kitchen
  • The knocking down of any walls to maximize the available space if needed
  • Help with picking the right cabinet style and finish
  • Help in choosing a counter top material
  • Paint color suggestions

We take pride in providing customer service that sets us apart from any other construction company in South Florida. Our attention to detail is beyond approach and our goal is to leave you satisfied every single step of the way. Are you ready to start your kitchen remodel in south Florida? Contact our team today!