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While you may not think of a roof as one of the more crucial parts of your property, it is one of your best defenses against outside elements. When your roof becomes compromised, it can spring leaks and can cause extensive damage. This type of damage can leave your property unsafe and uninhabitable in times of more severe damage.

With an exposed roof your home may experience water damage. This damage will go through the roof and begin pulling to the ceiling. When your ceiling becomes damaged by water, you may notice discoloration or staining. If left unchecked, the ceiling can sustain extensive damage that may carry to the rest of your home. After accumulating water damage, ceilings can begin to sag and eventually collapse.

Professional Roof Tarping & Repair Services

Tarping is one of the first steps we complete during our roofing repair process. Tarping is a vital tool to help prevent exposed or damaged areas let water seep further into your property. During this step of the process, our experts at Hilex Construction will cover up exposed areas with tarps. We can also potentially assist with boarding up exposed, damaged windows depending on your situation.

These tarps will be placed over exposed areas and weighed down to prevent them from moving from wind or other elements. Our experts can quickly and effectively place them around damaged areas on your roof. Once the tarping is laid out and set up, we can begin the process of repairing or replacing your roof.

Commercial & Residential Roof Repair Services

If you are experiencing roof damages, whether you are experiencing severe storm damage to your roof, hail storm damage, or wind damage to your roof, Hilex Construction can assist you. As we’ve said, a roof is one of your most crucial defenses against water damage at your property. If you have storm roof damage or any roof damages, our experts can help protect your property and return it to a state of normalcy. Roof repairs will need to be made as soon as possible. If not, leaks can begin sprouting around your roof, causing water to pull into your property, and potentially causing extensive damages. We can assist you whether you need roof tarping, roof repair, or roof replacement for commercial or residential. If you own a business and need a commercial roof replacement or roof repair.

We can assist you in returning your roof back to its normal state or replacing it with more durable materials. Depending on the materials used at your property, you may need to replace the roof due to natural wear and tear. For composition shingles, you typically have 12-20 years before they begin naturally deteriorating and causing problems. For asphalt shingles, you are looking at 15-30 years depending on where you live and severe weather frequency. Wooden shingles can last anywhere from 20-25 years, again, depending on how frequently your property experiences severe weather.

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Roofing materials can begin deteriorating after their shelf life has come to an end. These shingles will start losing their durability and causing leaks throughout your property. Aging roof shingles won’t typically cause massive leaks on their own. However, aged shingles may be fine during regular storms, but more severe storms will likely cause damage and cause water to intrude.

You can contact Hilex Construction experts to begin the tarping and roof repair process by calling our service line at 888-918-1008. Our service line can palace you in direct contact with one of our roof repair experts who can assist you through our process, call now!