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Water is an elusive liquid that can find its way into your property in many different ways. It can be the result of severe storm damage, a malfunctioning appliance, or a pipe leaking. Regardless of how the water got into your home, you’ll need to get it out and correct the problem soon. Water damage can hide in plain sight or be hidden behind walls, making it tricky to diagnose for the average homeowner.

Hilex Construction can assist you with extensive water damage restoration or minor. We can help return your property back to its normal, pre-loss conditions. Our water damage restoration services can assist in returning your home back to normal or we can even take it a step further and aim to make it better. After all, a water damage restoration project could be the perfect excuse for a renovation or remodel project of the affected rooms.

While you may not think water damage is too harsh, it can quickly deteriorate items and move on. Water is actually a very dangerous substance and should be addressed immediately. Leaving water damage at your property can cause the damages to spread. Worse, it can actually make you ineligible for compensation or a payout from your insurance provider.

Water Damage Restoration & Reconstruction Services

Hilex Construction can assist you through every step of your water damage restoration process. With our water damage restoration services, we remove all noticeable signs of damage at your property. Our process has our experts carefully going through your home to recognize and correct all standing issues. Not only can we help remove standing water from your property, but we can also help correct the issue that allowed it there in the first place. Our water damage restoration process isn’t complete until your property is back to where it was or better than before.

We provide an unparalleled level of attention to detail with our restoration services that will help ensure all damages are recognized and fixed. After all standing water is removed at your property, our experts will go through and administer procurement treatments to prevent mold growth that may result from water damage.

Our experts are trained and certified in handling any water damage restoration project you may need help with. Water is a very common issue that finds its way into millions of properties each year. While many think it is unlikely to happen to them, the statistics show it can happen to anyone. Water damage can strike anyone, it can also strike at any given time. While some may assume winter is the most prevalent time to experience water damage, it isn’t a seasonal problem and can happen during any time of the year, during any time of the day.

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Contact Our Water Damage Restoration Experts

Water damage can drastically change the landscape of your home. Water damage can uproot you from your property and leave you in a state of disarray. In instances like this, you’ll need water damage restoration services provided by professionals to return your property after a situation like this. Hilex Construction’s trained professionals can assist you through even the most extensive water damage restoration process.

Water damage restoration can be tricky and water damage can quickly deteriorate materials and spread to other items. Water damage can also directly cause mold colonies to grow and spread around your home. Mold colonies can also cause extensive damages to your property. Water damage restoration requiring construction, renovation, or remodeling is our specialty. We can assist in returning your property back to normal or even better than before!

You can contact our service line at 888-918-1008. This service line can place you in direct contact with one of our trained professionals. From there, we can dispatch a certified technician to begin the water damage restoration process at your property. With the first step involving an in-depth assessment of the damages at your property.

We are here to assist you! If you are experiencing water damage, don’t hesitate to call our service line for professional assistance!