Breaking Out of The Mold

Mold spores are microscopic in nature and are present in virtually every room. Mold spores are generally harmless in a room and the average mold spore count is usually anywhere from 200-1000 spores. When these numbers become elevated, the air quality of the room is likely to be the first sign of distress. When mold spores overcrowd a room, the quality of air begins dropping, lingering scents will begin to rise, and mold colonies may form.

Once mold spores begin forming colonies they can quickly spread throughout your property. This can lead to multiple rooms being affected by the damages. Mold remediation services provided by Hilex Construction can tackle any size of outbreak. Whether your home is experiencing a single room issue or is overrun with mold colonies, our mold remediation experts can help with even the worst outbreaks.

Professional Mold Remediation & Mold Removal Services

Hilex Construction provides professional mold remediation services that can help eliminate all mold colonies at your property. Mold colonies begin to form as mold spores meet proper conditions to begin forming. These conditions involve an organic material for the spores to latch onto, moisture, and humidity. The conditions required for mold growth can happen at any time. It can be the result of hidden issues, causing mold colonies to form out of sight, such as behind walls.

When mold colonies latch onto an organic object they begin feasting. This feast causes continuous deterioration as the organic materials are used as nourishment. The mold colonies won’t just stick to a single food source either, they’ll spread throughout the room and possibly throughout the home. Mold colonies also don’t just eat through materials and cause damage to items, they also create potential health risks.

Mold colonies can drastically reduce the air quality of your home. Mold colonies come with an assortment of health problems that may cause things such as asthma, coughing, postnasal drip, sneezing, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes, nose, or throat. If your home is experiencing a mold outbreak, you should address the problem immediately. Ignoring a mold colony can result in a multiple-room outbreak. Mold colonies can form and begin spreading in as little as 24 hours. Addressing the problem sooner rather than later is always recommended. Our mold remediation services can assist you in returning your home to a state of normalcy. Our experts will remove all lingering odors and will remove all mold colonies.

The final steps of our mold remediation process involve us going through your home and administering procurement treatments. These treatments will help stop mold spores in their tracks, preventing them from growing into colonies and spreading.

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Call Our Mold Remediation Experts Now

Hilex Construction specialists can assist you through the mold remediation process. We can help return your property to a mold-free space with no lingering odors or damages. Our experts don’t stop until the job is done and the mold is entirely gone. You can count on our experts to get your property back to normal!

Our service line at 888-918-1008 can place you in direct contact with one of our specialists. From there, they can discuss your situation and schedule an appointment for a comprehensive assessment of your property. During this time, our experts carefully comb through your property to identify any potential mold colonies. This step of the process also has our experts trying to identify the source of your problem. Again, mold spores are common and are virtually in every room, mold colonies only begin forming after new conditions are met.

Mold remediation done by Hilex Construction can assist you in returning your property back to normal. Our services can assist in removing all mold colonies and helping ensure no future outbreaks occur. If you believe your home is experiencing a mold outbreak, call our service line now! We can start the process and give you a free assessment.