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Hilex Construction can assist you through many different types of restoration services. We can assist you with restoration, renovation, and reconstruction after a damaging event has happened. Whether you are in need of mold remediation, fire damage restoration, or water damage restoration, our experts can assist you.

Hilex Construction is a full-service reconstruction company that can offer insight into a multitude of different situations. Our specialists can guide you through the entire journey and help return your property back to a state of normalcy.

Water damage can happen during any time of the day, during any time of the year. Water is an elusive liquid that can also be in plain sight or hidden behind walls. When water damage strikes, it can strike hard and fast, overtaking your property in as little as a few minutes. Water damage can come from a severe storm, a malfunctioning appliance, or a burst pipe, it can get into your property and cause problems.

Water damage can also result in mold growth if not properly addressed. Hilex Construction experts can guide you through the entire water damage restoration process. Our specialists can help return your property back to normal after even the worst water damage events happen at your property. Our water damage restoration process also takes aim at preventing mold colonies at your property. So our experts go through after everything and administer procurement treatments. These treatments will help ensure a mold outbreak won’t happen as a result of these damages.

A fire only needs a few seconds to wreak havoc at your property and drastically change the landscape. Even in less severe instances, fire can cause extensive smoke damage. Smoke damage can seep through porous materials. When this happens, foul odors can linger and smoke can cause further deterioration of affected materials. A fire can quickly make your property uninhabitable, as it can cause structural integrity issues in some cases.

Hilex Construction can assist you with our fire damage restoration services. We can assist you through the fire damage restoration process even in the most severe cases. Hilex Construction is a full-service construction company. We can assist you through reconstruction, renovation, and remodeling with our fire damage restoration services.

Mold spores are microscopic and are present in nearly every room. They can get into your property through many different avenues. While mold spores aren’t too harmful in small doses, if conditions change and mold colonies form, your property may need help. Mold remediation can assist in eliminating all mold colonies as well as addressing the source of the problem.

Hilex Construction can handle any mold remediation job, from smaller outbreaks to multi-room outbreaks requiring extensive efforts. Our mold remediation process can remove all existing colonies, locate the cause that allowed the colonies to form and spread, and administer procurement treatments to prevent future outbreaks. Hilex Construction’s mold remediation process can help return your property back to its normal, pre-loss conditions. Returning the air quality and your property back to where it was before this mold outbreak happened.

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Are you seeking damage restoration? We understand how these situations can reshape your property as a whole. After experiencing an event like this, it can be difficult to imagine your property back to normal. However, Hilex Construction services can also assist in making your property even better than it was before! We can help by putting everything back together, the way it was, or taking it a step further, and remodeling or renovating affected areas. Our experts can provide professional insight throughout this process. Assisting you in choosing fixtures or materials that best match or blend with each other.

Hilex Construction experts can help you through the damage restoration process. Our services can assist you through every step of the damage restoration process. You can contact our experts by calling our service line at 888-918-1008. From there, our experts will get a basic understanding of your needs, set an appointment, and go to your property to assess the situation. Call our experts now for assistance!