A Single Contractor Solution

Our experts at Hilex Construction can assist you with a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, roof repairs, and general home improvement services. While a remodel can greatly improve the overall feel of a home, general home improvement services can have a similar, less costly effect. These services can help remove items with wear and tear or repair items experiencing said wear and tear.

General home improvement services involve a wide spectrum of upgrades or updates around the home. Things such as screen doors, drywall, tile, and/or toilets may become damaged or accumulate wear and tear over time. While these things may seem small, taking a moment to imagine them back to normal can showcase some differences. Our general home improvement services seek to help improve parts of your property that may need touchup, repair, or replacing.

Our General Home Improvement and Renovation Services

There are many things around an aging home that could use fixing or replacing. Once contacted, our home improvement professionals schedule an appointment to check out your property. There they can either do a full inspection of your property and can make suggestions based on your home’s style and layout. Alternatively, you can guide our experts to the spots you feel need the most attention or our services. Our general home improvement services can assist with many different types of situations and damage.

We Can Assist You With The Following Home Renovation Services:

Countertop Installation & Replacement

If your property’s countertop has started showing its age, whether it is chipped, stained, or broken, we can assist in repairing or replacing your countertops.

Drywall Installation & Replacement

Is your drywall suffering from cracks? Does it have damage from moisture or water? Regardless of the damage you’ve experienced, our experts can replace or repair your drywall damage.

Sink Installation & Replacement

Our team of experts can also provide sink repair services as part of our general home improvement services. We can help you if your sink is leaking, causing water damage or just needs touchups on handles and other components.

Tile Installation & Replacement

You may not need all new flooring or tile if one a few are affected by damages. Our experts can repair your tile or replace individual tiles around your property.

Step and Stairway Installation & Replacement

Broken stairs can quite literally ruin one’s day and have massive consequences or risks. If you have steps at your home that are aging and damaged, our experts can help. We can assist in making your staircase a more stable, safe, and secure area.

Handrail Installation & Replacement

If the stairs are in good condition while the handrail is a little worse for wear, we can also assist. We can replace, repair, or reinforce handrails to help ensure their safety. A damaged or aged handrail may buckle under pressure, causing the using depending on it to fall.

Window Installation & Replacement

If your window itself is cracked or damaged it can let in the same outside hazards as mentioned above. A cracked window, however, may pose more of a risk as elements like the window may further the damage and could actually cause the window to shatter or continue cracking.

Window Frame Installation & Replacement

Cracked or otherwise damaged window frames can cause many different problems for your property. A damaged window frame can let in water, wind, bugs, and other potential outside hazards.

Window Screen Installation & Replacement

Window screens serve a very important purpose as your window’s first line of defense. When this part is damaged, this safeguard will stop assisting you. It can also make it hard to open the window throughout the day as it can allow bugs and outside elements to come inside.

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Get General Home Improvement Help Now

Hilex Construction can help you with the issues above and even more. We can assist in rejuvenating your property with much-needed repairs or attention. You can contact our general home improvement experts at 888-918-1008. We can schedule an appointment at your home and give you either an in-depth assessment of your property and trouble spots we noticed, or you can tell us exactly what you want or need.

Our general home improvement specialists are standing by. We can assist with every step of the process and can get all trouble spots at your property back up to speed with the rest. You shouldn’t have to settle for a less comfortable, less safe home, especially when our friendly professionals can be there for you. If you have any other general home improvement requests, we can do our best to accommodate, call our experts now!