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Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte is a fully licensed and insured full-service contractor. Our experts provide many different services in Port Charlotte, Florida. We provide renovations, remodeling, and restoration services to residential and commercial clients seeking our services.

Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte specialists are trained to handle even the most extensive restoration or remodeling projects. As a full-service contraction company, we have the talent, the training, and the resources to oversee the entirety of your property’s rehabilitation process.

Are you looking for the bathroom remodel of your dreams? Want to expand or renovate your bathroom to make it a more inviting, modernized room? Our experts at Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte can help! While some may not place much value on a bathroom, it is a place where they spend a good chunk of private time. 


An elevated bathroom experience can make all the difference at a property. The master bathroom is listed as one of the most important rooms in a house, second only to the kitchen. 


So, a bathroom remodel can improve upon your experience at your property as well as the overall value of your home. Take a moment to imagine your bathroom with new fixtures, a new layout, and better flooring. A modernized bathroom has a lot to offer in terms of amenities and your own privacy. 


A bathroom remodel may be what your property needs to rejuvenate it! Imagine your bathroom specifically designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte can assist you in making that dream a reality!

A kitchen renovation or remodel can drastically reshape the landscape of your home. Modernized kitchens come with a more vibrant, open layout that enhances much of the cooking and dining experience. The kitchen is ranked as one of the most important rooms. This applies to the home when looking for prospects to sell it, but overall a kitchen remodel can improve your home and the experience in the room. Our experts at Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte can assist you through every step of our kitchen remodeling process in Port Charlotte, Florida. 


Whether you want a full kitchen remodel or renovation, we’re out here to assist. We can help you with a floor remodel, replacing countertops, or cabinet renovation. Our experts can also provide you with professional tips and advice on styling, layout, or design to assist you in fully realizing your dream kitchen! If you are seeking a kitchen remodel in Port Charlotte, Florida, our experts are ready to help you!

At Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte, our specialists can assist you if your roof is damaged or has exposed areas. An exposed or damaged roof can cause water to intrude into your property. This form of damage is most recognizable with the first sign of damage, which is discoloration on your ceiling. 


If this damage is left unaddressed, eventually further damages will result. After discoloration comes your ceiling sagging as water continues to build. Eventually, that sagging can cause a collapse of your ceiling. 


If water damage is allowed to collect and grow, it will further the damages at your property. Outside elements can quickly cause damage at your property if your roof is exposed. At Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte, our experts can assist you through every step of our roofing rehabilitation process in Port Charlotte, Florida. 


We can assist you with restoring specific parts of your property’s roof or we can install a brand new roof. A new roof is a costly, yet necessary feature for a home. Roofs accumulate damage over time and can spout leaks after even lighter storms. 


If your roof has been damaged, you should contact professionals to assist before leaks begin taking hold. Our specialists can also tarp specific areas that are exposed or damaged to prevent further damages to your property while we render our services.

Maybe you aren’t seeking an encompassing kitchen remodel or large-scale renovations. Our experts at Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte can still assist you! If you are seeking general improvements or restorations around your property, we can help. Our experts at Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte can provide you with solutions to many different types of problems at your property.


While a renovation and remodeling can improve the value of your property, they can be expensive and something you may not want or need. Our general home improvement services can assist in replacing worn or damaged items/fixtures. These services cost significantly less than a remodel, but have a similar effect on your home’s overall value.


Our general home improvement services in Port Charlotte, Florida involve a wide spectrum of updates, upgrades, replacements, or restorations that can be made around your property. We can provide you with an in-depth assessment of your property. This assessment will include all damaged or problem areas that could be fixed, replaced, or corrected.


Alternatively, our experts can go to the exact area you want to address and provide you with professional solutions to your problem. Our general home improvement services seek to improve problem areas at your property. Giving them their needed touch-ups, replacements, or restorations to help improve the overall feel of your property!

Our experts at Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte can also assist you after a damaging event has unfolded at your property. Events such as water damage or fire damage can quickly render your home unsafe to enter. 


Unfortunately, even in less severe events, the damage may cause affected areas to be uninhabitable. Letting these problems persist and linger can quickly turn into severe damages to your property. Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte is a full-service reconstruction company. We can provide insight into a multitude of different situations that may occur at your property. 

Whether you are dealing with extensive or minor damages caused by mold, fire, or water damage, our experts are able and ready to assist you. We can assist you through every step of your property’s restoration process and return it back to a state of normalcy. We can even take it a step further and make affected areas even better than they were before the damage!

Experiencing a damaging event that causes water, mold, or fire damage at your property can be challenging. Handling this situation can be even more of a struggle when you add having to deal with your insurance provider to it. 


Dealing with your insurance provider during the claims process can be tricky as they give you specific instructions and try to pay you as little as possible. Rectifying your situation and fulfilling your policy for as little as possible. Why deal with the headache of a damaged property and the insurance claims process?


At Hilex Construction of Port Charlotte, we have specialists who can act as a liaison between you and your insurance provider. Our experts have extensive training, experience, and knowledge in handling the claim management process. 

We know how difficult these situations are to handle, that’s why we are here to help as much as possible to get you the money your property needs to return to normal. Our experts can assist you through every step of the claim management process, providing you with expert advice and pushing the process along.

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