Carpet and tile are both common in millions of homes across the United States. While these two materials are commonly placed in homes and businesses everywhere, many do not know the cost of them. You may be wondering if carpet is more expensive than tile. While both are great materials to use, cost always plays a role in any remodel.

We at Hilex Construction would like to touch up more on this topic and dive into why the prices may differ. We would also like to discuss the pros of each material and why they may fit your remodeling needs.

remodeled kitchen with tile floor

Is Carpet More Expensive Than Tile?

When it comes to the pricing, carpeting, and tile are actually similar prices. While you may think ceramic tiles would be more expensive due to their durability and versatility, both come out around $2-$15 per square foot. So, if you are wondering if carpet is more expensive than tile, the answer is no. They’re both conveniently around the same price point depending on a few things.

While carpet and tile may be around the same price, they both have different pros and cons that you may want to consider. While we’ve already answered the question about whether or not carpet is more expensive than tile, we’d like to discuss which may be the better fit for you and your remodeling project.

The Pros of Carpet Over Tile

Millions of houses have carpeting, while they require vacuuming and upkeep with the potential for staining, they’re still a popular choice. Carpeting can be really nice and inviting, while tile is nice, the material is anything but warm on colder or cooler days. Here are a few other pros of carpeting over tile:

  1. Quieter – Carpeting is a quieter material and absorbs most of your footstep’s sound. This option can assist if you have multiple stories at your property.
  2. Softer – Falling down or dropping something on carpeting vs. tile has a much better outcome in most instances. While tile can be easier to clean up, it can also result in a cracked screen or broken item if you fumble something.
  3. Easier & Faster Installation – While this may not be a pro for most property owners seeking to outsource their remodeling project, this can be a determining factor for the savvy DIY owner.
  4. Hides Dirt – A nice pro about carpeting is that it can hide dirt a lot easier than tile. While dirt may be able to clean up on tile, you won’t need to vacuum your carpet every day to keep a clean look about it.

There are a few good perks for choosing carpeting over tile during your remodeling project. While these pros may sway you, tile has a few perks as well. One con about carpeting is that it shows wear and tear a lot sooner than tile.

The Pros of Using Tile

You’ve likely seen tile in one capacity or another at a home, it can be in the bathroom, the rooms, the kitchen, and really anywhere and everywhere. It is a versatile (no pun intended) material used in millions of homes and remodeling projects. Here are a few more pros of tile over carpet:

  1. Durability – While carpet can be durable and last a long time, tile is more durable and resilient to wear and tear. This is especially true when it comes to staining, with tile you can simply wipe up the substance and move on.
  2. Low Maintenance – Tile has pretty low maintenance requirements for property owners. Outside of mopping and sweeping up dirt, there’s not a lot else you could want or need to do with tile. 
  3. Spill-Resistant – Unfortunately with carpeting, a spill can stain it for the rest of its lifespan. A glass of wine spilling on carpeting can be detrimental, on tile, however, it really isn’t a big deal. Tile is a spill-resistant material that allows you to simply wipe up the substance and move on.
  4. Absorbs Less – Tile absorbs a lot less than carpeting, this includes substances like pollen, allergens, irritants, and other small substances that can hide under carpeting. Since tile has no organic properties, these substances don’t stick around or hide. Floor tiling is also immune to mold damage, unlike carpeting.

Hilex Construction offers free estimates to help you better understand what your budget will allow. If you were wondering if carpet is more expensive than tile, the price comes out to be the same. Meaning you will have to likely decide based on your preference. Hilex Construction can guide you through your remodel and help you achieve the property you’ve always wanted! You can contact our experts at (888) 918-1008 for assistance.