Central Florida Bathroom Remodeling

Looking to build an updated and stylish bathroom? Or maybe you want to create a spa-like escape to the daily up and downs of life? Whatever your desire, the Central Florida bathroom remodeling experts at Hilex Construction can help turn your bathroom dreams into reality. From simple bathroom designs to luxurious bathroom renovations, we have the capabilities to do it all.

No room in your home sees more action than the bathroom. No matter the time, your family needs access to an area in which they can relax and feel comfortable. A bathroom should be a relaxing, safe space designed for your daily life. Hilex Construction bathroom remodeling experts in Central Florida will listen to your needs and ideas before we start the design process so that we can ensure a bathroom you will love. With your ideas, our general contractors will see you through every step of the way, from the planning stage to the materials you select, until the project becomes a reality. Your new bathroom will be one you can be proud of and friends and family envious. It will be aesthetically aligned with you and your home, within budget, built with quality materials. By renovating your bathroom with Hilex Construction, you will be able to maximize space, raise the level of comfort and the value in your home.

The Value in a renovated master bath

Did you know that the master bathroom is one of the main areas that can help add value to your home? There are loads of options available to you as a homeowner wanting to renovate a master bathroom or even a secondary bathroom. Whether you want to change the layout of your bathroom to make it more spacious or completely renovate the space, we can help you find a design and style that fits your needs.

Renovating your bathroom doesn’t always mean starting from the floor up, sometimes a simple bathroom update is all that is needed. You may be surprised how just new cabinets or counter tops can quickly and easily add style and value to the new fresh space.

We specialize in renovating old worn out rooms into spaces you can only dream of. We can start over or leave the current layout of counters, tub, shower and toilet, but creating a whole new stylish space. You can take advantage of our full range of services, that will minimize the stress and rigors of remodeling your master bath or secondary bathroom – saving you money while adding value to your home.

You’d be surprised at how a little creative thinking and planning can turn an ordinary or outdated bathroom into one of the most beautiful areas in your home. Take the first step today by estimating up a free consultation by calling us at (954) 974-7780.

Bathroom Renovations

As we get older our needs begin to change. Perhaps you are thinking about taking in an elderly or disabled family member and want them to have full and safe access to the home especially the bathroom. Our general contractors are experts in making your home and bathroom suitable for these exact scenarios. We can advise you on the essential features that we make life easier for that special loved one.

Bathroom renovations is not easy and can become a difficult challenge. Consulting with an experienced general contractor from Hilex Construction is a step in the right direction. We can help ensure the job will be done right and meets your needs. No bathroom remodeling challenge is beyond our expertise!

Creating A Bathroom That You Can Live In

Hilex Construction believes a bathroom should be a place of zen. That bathroom that you take for granted is the ideal space to create a happy spa like experience that you can visit a few times a day in your own home. Actually, the bathroom might be the only room in the house you can safely lock yourself inside for a half-hour to escape the rigors and stress of everyday life. Sometimes just escaping the simple happenings right outside your bathroom door. So how about giving the bathroom the attention it deserves?

When starting a bathroom renovation, it’s important to be aware of the budget, desired layout & features, style, and how it will increase your property value. It is also important to consider the small things and features that can provide you the comfort and functionality you are looking for. Maybe you just want to soak in the tub while reading your favorite book? A Freestanding tub or bath can give you the style and comfort to make it an experience you will want to do over and over again. Maybe adding a chandelier just above the tub will provide a soft light for reading but also add style to your bathroom? If you treat your bathroom as livable space it could be the most enjoyable room in your home and with the right renovation it can also add value to the bottom line.

Whether your bathroom renovation calls for a simple remodel or a complete make over, we have the experts, designers, and management skills to execute your project on budget and on time. For more details on our bathroom remodeling services, please call us at 1-800-980-1665  or just visit our Contact page to schedule a free consultation today!