Bathroom remodel trends tend to change every so often. They may change based around yearly, industry trends or can be local bathroom remodel trends that have taken your local area over. For instance, you aren’t likely to run into specific theme trends in certain areas. The bathroom remodel trends in California can differ from Oklahoma.

If you are considering bathroom remodel trends for your remodel, we at Hilex Construction wanted to bring a list of current popular trends. These bathroom remodel trends are the current trends in our industry.

Bathroom Remodel Trend  #1: Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are a popular bathroom remodel trend that has been around for some time. This popular trend is because the floating vanities give off a lean contemporary presence that is also a great space-saver. Floating vanities are among bathroom remodel trends with years of use. This has given it more customization than newer trends currently happening.

Not only can a floating vanity come with ample space for your toiletries and hygiene items, but it also has under-storage for an extra bit of room. Floating vanities also make cleaning up under the vanity a lot easier than grounded ones.

Bathroom Remodel Trend  #2: Large-Format Wall Tiles

If you have gone into a recently made or remodeled bathroom, there’s a good chance it had large-format wall tiles all around the room. While small mosaic tiles used to reign supreme, they have been overtaken by this bathroom remodel trend. These tiles offer unique, aesthetically appealing visuals that come in various sizes, textures, colors, and finishes. They provide a great minimalist approach that is fashionable and pleasing.

Large-format wall tiles are also popular due to their warm, inviting neutral and earthy hues. They provide a very welcoming environment, something very needed in a bathroom. This trend has also been around for a few years and has been continuously picking up steam.

Quartz CountertopBathroom Remodel Trend #3: Quartz Countertops

Though it is one of the most difficult natural resources, quartz is a popular material and one of the top bathroom remodel trends out. This material is popular because it is resistant to staining and scratching, it is easy to maintain, and easy to clean. These countertops are also trending in a lighter color, increasing their popularity.

Quartz countertops are also a non-porous material, making it more difficult for bacteria to latch onto them. One of the biggest appeals is how neat they look and how easy they are to clean and maintain.

Bathroom Remodel Trend #4: Heated Flooring & Wood-Look Tiles

No one likes waking up on a colder day in the morning and walking on freezing cold tiles as you wake up. Heated flooring is becoming a much more popular choice as people experience it and want it on their own. Wood-look tiles are also becoming one of the increasingly popular bathroom remodel trends. Ceramic and porcelain, due to their versatility, are still the most popular materials used in bathrooms.

These types of surfaces are growing in popularity thanks to newer trends like wood-look tiles. Which have the same expected texture as a tile, but look like light wood. For a spa-like touch, many bathroom remodels are including heated flooring and wood-look tiles. While it is easy to expect exorbitant prices for heated flooring, it actually isn’t nearly as expensive as you’d expect. Floor heating systems usually cost between $5-$12 per square foot. The in-floor heating cost goes up a bit more to $15-$20 per square foot.

Bathroom Remodel Trend #5: Warm Colors

While many may not think of a bathroom as a warm, inviting place, this change of design can do worlds of wonder for your bathroom. Warm colors are one of the bathroom remodel trends that have been blossoming for some time and are in full fruition.

Warm colors are an incredibly popular trend because a bathroom involves some of our most private moments. Having a warm, comforting environment can drastically improve your bathroom experience.

If you are seeking bathroom remodel trends, you may be in the market for a bathroom remodel. Hilex Construction can assist you with all your remodeling needs! We can help you get caught up with the most popular bathroom remodel trends and revitalize your bathroom. Contact our specialists today to begin your bathroom remodel journey! You can contact our remodel specialists at (888) 918-1008!